World meet Chuya

I am Chuya,
I am awesome,
I am one

Laura Ingalls first time at the beach #littlehouseathebeach (at Albany Waterfront Trail)
Saxophone at the beach #howrandom (at Golden Gate Fields)
Happy Birthday Adela, you look so natural today. #birthdaybitch
Birthday Dela, only person who gets two cakes on birthday. #happybirthday
For the kiddies #thirstisreal
Rey de la Casa #meow
Camping with warlocks this past weekend #cookingsomefrog (at Turlock Lake State Recreation Area)
Today marks a year since I lost my greatest hero. There isn’t a day that has gone by that I haven’t thought about you, and all the wonderful memories you left us with. I still cry everyday, because I’m selfish and I miss your jokes, your stories and most of all the happiness you gave my mother. I know we’ll be reunited again, until then keep watching over me and my family. #ripdonpablo #teextrano
I wanna live on a boat. #isitfridayyet (at Port of Oakland)
Awesome weather #Oakland  (at Jack London Square)